Caroline is involved in a number of marine issues, inspired by Gosport's peninsula location and the potential for the wider Portsmouth Harbour area for driving jobs, skills and economic prosperity through marine expansion.


Protecting the environment and combating climate change is a personal passion of Caroline’s.

Community organisations

From visiting national and local charities, community groups and organisations - including Age UK, the Sea Cadets and homeless charity Alabare - to hosting receptions in Westminster - such as for the Gosport Youth Council - to thank local volunteers, Caroline believes that voluntary organisations

Energy and Fuel

Caroline has been hugely concerned about the high energy and fuel prices that are hitting individuals and businesses hard.

Women & Equalities

Caroline has always been a committed champion of women's equality. In particular, she has strived to inspire more women and girls to become business and career women and keenly encourages girls to take up STEM subjects in school.

Parliamentary Reform

Caroline has been contacted by constituents on a variety of constitutional issues and reforms to Parliament.

Animal Welfare

A committed supporter of animal welfare, Caroline served as an honorary Vice-Chairman of the RSPCA. This enabled her to work with them on a number of national campaigns and join the local inspector on her rounds in Gosport.