Supreme Court Ruling

Yesterday in a landmark ruling the Supreme Court said that the prorogation of Parliament was null and void and ordered that the House of Commons resume sitting.

While I am, of course, happy to be back pounding the corridors of Parliament representing my constituents, I am concerned that decision means we may not have a Queen’s Speech or State Opening of Parliament.  These are not just ceremonial procedures, a new session of Parliament is necessary in order to introduce new legislation on the things that people care about -  improving schools, investing in hospitals, tackling crime and addressing the injustices in social care.

The Supreme Court have made their judgement and, as the highest law court in the land, of course I fully accept and respect this decision.

Nevertheless I am worried in case it means that much needed domestic legislation will now be shelved and replaced by MPs bickering amongst themselves.  Judging by my mailbag I’m not the only one concerned by the prospect of a cabal of Opposition MPs trying to take control of Parliament and to pass yet more anti-Brexit legislation.

Meanwhile Opposition MPs have twice voted against calling a General Election which would break this deadlock and allow the people to decide the way forward - as the Attorney General so eloquently articulated in Parliament today.

Parliament’s resumption does not alter the fact that the overwhelmingly majority of MPs were elected to do a very simple job which is to deliver Brexit.  We must not be deflected in this task and I continue to hope we leave the EU on the 31st October as planned.