MP Wins £10k for Gosport Schools

Caroline Dinenage MP has claimed the star prize in a competition to win £10,000 for schools in her constituency.   

The Gosport MP recently attended an event in Parliament to learn more about Digital Currency where she entered a prize draw for the winning Member of Parliament to donate to local schools.   

Previous winners of the annual event have arranged a competition among local schools and given the money to the winners.  However, Caroline has decided instead to share the good fortune by dividing the £10,000 amongst all the schools in her constituency.  

She said; “We sometimes hear of schools struggling to find the money they need for specific projects, items or trips - dividing it equally means that each school will get about £250 and there are no losers, everyone’s a winner!”

Caroline has invited all schools in her constituency to collect their share of the £10,000 by sending a member of staff, governor or parent and a pupil to attend the cheque presentation which will take place at 11am on Friday 26 April 2019, at Brune Park Community School.

The sponsor The Digital Currency Foundation will be at the event to meet the winning schools and award the large £10,000 cheque to all those present, after which each of the schools will be given their prize envelopes.