MP visits Energy Facility

Local MP, Caroline Dinenage, visited the Energy and Materials Recovery Facility in Portsmouth on Friday.

Caroline had a tour of the Veolia Site which processes residential waste. These facilities safely incinerate 97% of our household waste and use the heat from this process to generate electricity for 53,000 homes per year.

She also saw the processes at the Materials Recovery Facility to see what happens with our recycled items. The materials are separated using a combination of manual and automatic processes, including magnets, conveyor belts and lasers, before being baled up and sent to private companies for recycling into new products.

Commenting after the visit Caroline said:

“It was really interested to see how our waste is processed, we can all do our bit to help the planet and I am pleased that locally only 3% of our residential waste goes to landfill.

However it was worrying to hear that the average British family still throws away six trees’ worth of paper into their household bin every year when it can easily be recycled .”

You can find out more about how Gosport’s waste is managed through the Project Integra partnership.