Caroline welcomes 'Vision for a County of Opportunity for Everyone'

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage today welcomed the first Queen's Speech of the new Conservative Government in Westminster today, saying that it set out "a brilliant vision for a country of opportunity for everyone." The speech included plans to link the tax free allowance to the minimum wage, cut re

KEY ACHIEVEMENTS NUMBER 1: The Daedalus Enterprise Zone

One of the first meetings that I had as this area's new MP back in 2010 was about the Daedalus airfield. At that point, this former military site had stood unused for 14 years and had entered a state of disrepair.

KEY ACHIEVEMENTS NUMBER 2: Progress on Road Improvements

The last Labour Government told us that our peninsula would never receive any money for road improvements because it was "strategically unimportant". Fast forward to 2015 and Gosport & Fareham have seen more progress made on our roads in the past five years than the preceding five decades.


Before I was elected back in 2010, the Defence Training Review suggested that the Royal Naval School of Engineering at HMS Sultan was set to move to south Wales - a potential loss of up to 900 local jobs in the process.

KEY ACHIEVEMENTS 6: Bridging the Gap

During tough economic times we rely on the hard work & enterprise of our small businesses to grow this country out of recession. So, on becoming this area's MP, I was clear that we needed to do more to support our fantastic small businesses.

KEY ACHIEVEMENTS NUMBER 7: The CEMAST Centre & Apprenticeships

Ensuring that young people are equipped with the skills they need to get on in life must be a priority and I am extremely proud that the Gosport constituency has had the highest number of apprenticeship starts in Hampshire - nearly 9,490 since 2010.