Caroline Dinenage's statement on the Withdrawal Agreement

Many of my constituents have written to me with regard to Brexit – some expressing their concerns on the Withdrawal Agreement, some voicing their support for a 'People Vote' second referendum and some supporting the Prime Minister in her tough negotiations with the EU.

I want to assure my constituents that I have read all their correspondence and thought long and hard about this important issue.

After the Brexit referendum in 2016 I pledged to deliver the wishes of my Constituents, who voted overwhelmingly to Leave the EU and have voted in favour of every piece of Brexit legislation since then.

My stance on the form of this current Withdrawal Agreement has always been, and will continue to be, focused on promoting jobs, prosperity and the local economy for people in the Gosport Constituency - and protecting them from hardship.

There are parts of the Withdrawal Agreement with which I'm deeply uncomfortable. However, on balance, the key reasons why local people told me they voted to Leave, namely; to regain control of our borders, laws and money, to be able to trade around the world and to leave the common fisheries and agricultural policies; will all be delivered on.

I believe we can thrive following our departure from the EU and, as your MP, I will do all I can to ensure Gosport is able to take advantage of these opportunities.

It has been a tough negotiating period and I admire the Prime Minister who is doing her very best in difficult circumstances.

Implementing the result of the referendum is absolutely essential. The Country voted to Leave. The House of Commons voted overwhelmingly both to trigger Article 50 last year and for the EU Withdrawal Bill, which is now an Act of Parliament.

We are leaving the EU on the 29th March and we need to unite to make it a success.