Britain votes to leave the European Union

The UK has voted to leave the European Union by 51.9% to 48.1%. Leave won the majority of votes in England and Wales, while every council in Scotland saw Remain majorities. 

Across the Gosport Constituency Leave won by 63.9% to 36.1% with a turnout of 73.5% in Gosport and Leave won by 55% to 45% with a turnout of 79.6% in Fareham. 

In a statement this morning the Prime Minister David Cameron stated: 

"The country has just taken part in a giant democratic exercise, perhaps the biggest in our history. Over 33 million people from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar, have all had their say. The British people have voted to leave the European Union and there will must be respected." 

David Cameron emphasised the importance of delivering stability following this vote and therefore confirmed that he will continue in his post as Prime Minister for the next three months. He then intends to step down with the aim of having a new Prime Minister in place by the start of the Conservative Party conference in October. 

Commenting on the news, Caroline said: 

"I am proud that this Government fulfilled their promise to deliver the EU referendum. It is right that this critically important decision was made by the British people. 

"The result is clear, the people have spoken and we now need to unite and move forward to make this work. There is no doubt the impact will be enormous - there will be big opportunities and also big risks. My priority will always be to see both the Gosport constituency and the UK continue to thrive and prosper. 

"I am pleased that the Prime Minister put the stability and security of the British economy at the heart of his statement. Our Government, with him at the helm, has made great progress in rebuilding our economy over the past six years. I will be extremely sad to see him go but I completely understand his decision." 

You can read the Prime Minister's statement in full here. The full results of the EU Referendum are available here