Brexit Update

This week the Government reached agreement with the European Commission on three important issues in the first phase of the negotiations before the UK's departure from the European Union: citizens' rights, Northern Ireland and the financial settlement. The details are set out in a joint report agreed by the Prime Minister, David Davis and Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier on behalf of the European Commission.

This Brexit deal - delivers no hard border in Northern Ireland and secures a good financial deal for British taxpayers, meaning more money for our priorities like housing, schools and the NHS. It also secures the rights of EU citizens living here and UK citizens living in the EU.

On the basis of this report, the Commission has recommended that the European Council agree that we move to the second phase of the negotiations - our future partnership, including trade and security and an implementation period, to ensure a smooth and orderly Brexit. Donald Tusk, the President of the EU Council, has recommended that the December Council allows the next stage of negotiations to proceed and that there should be quick progress on agreeing an implementation period.

A copy of this report can be found here.