Albemarle Avenue major carriageway improvement scheme

As part of the programme of works being undertaken by Hampshire County Council they will be undertaking a major carriageway improvement scheme on Albemarle Avenue in Gosport, which is a residential road suffering from severe cracking and pavement deterioration, and in need of essential repairs.

The road is constructed of reinforced concrete slabs with asphalt surfacing. The concrete slabs have deteriorated over time due to the soft clay foundation and the road previously being a bus route. This has resulted in cracking on the surface and a poor ride quality for drivers.

The works involve removing the asphalt surfacing and replacing the sections of the concrete slab that have badly deteriorated and broken up. The slab joints will then be sealed and the road will be resurfaced.

The phasing of the scheme will be as follows:

On 23rd & 24th July, they plan to close the entire length of the road to traffic so that the existing surface can be removed to allow the concrete slabs to be examined and the repairs targeted to specific areas. Once the surface has been removed, traffic will be able to use the road.

From 30th July for approximately 16 weeks they will close discrete lengths of the road in the sections described below and shown on the attached plan. The concrete repair works will be phased to allow access for residents wherever possible.

Provisionally, there are 7 repair phases:

  1. Melville Road/Palmyra Road/Coombe Road/Albemarle Avenue cross roads,
  2. Palmyra Road to Tewkesbury Avenue,
  3. Tewkesbury Avenue to Reeds Road,
  4. Reeds Road to Amberley Road,
  5. Amberley Road to Goodwood Road,
  6. Goodwood Road to Findon Road,
  7. Findon Road to Elson Road

Vehicular access to properties will not be possible whilst there are open excavations in the carriageway. In these instances, residents will be required to park away from the front of their properties; this could be for several days. Trained traffic management operatives will be on site to advise residents.

Once all of the concrete repairs are completed the road will be resurfaced which is anticipated to take 2 days.