In the referendum on the 23rd June 2016 Gosport and the British public voted to leave the European Union. Although Caroline voted to Remain, she respected the result of her constituents who voted Leave by 64%.

Caroline was re-elected in the June 2017 on a pledge to uphold the outcome of the referendum with 62% of the vote. Moreover, 93% of the votes in the Gosport constituency went to parties promising to implement Brexit.

Caroline also voted to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 through the European Withdrawal Act 2018 which put Brexit on a legal footing.

To protect the local economy and jobs, she has supported the Withdrawal Agreement that would allow the UK to leave in an orderly fashion. 

Caroline opposed efforts by Parliament to block Brexit and voted against an extension to Article 50, a second referendum and to take No Deal off the table. However, MPs voted for an extension which has delayed Brexit until October. 

Throughout, Caroline has written numerous statements explaining her votes which you can find below. 


Brexit Statement

After a frustrating week in Parliament I want to recap on events and set out my position regarding recent Brexit developments.

My Views on the Brexit Votes

Now that the negotiations into the Northern Ireland backstop have been completed I want to set out my thoughts on this week's crucial Parliamentary votes.

Caroline Dinenage welcome waiver of EU citizen fee

"Many EU citizens have come to the UK to work, settle and contribute to our communities. It is right that the fee to confirm their residential status is waived." Caroline Dinenage MP

MPs press Minister on Portsmouth port

Gosport MP, Caroline Dinenage, alongside MP's from across South Hampshire met with Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, to discuss recent concerns surrounding Portsmouth Port in the event of a No-Deal Brexit.

Withdrawal Agreement and Vote of No Confidence

Last night I voted in favour of the Government's EU Withdrawal Agreement. Though uncomfortable with some aspects, I felt that it largely delivered the Brexit that the majority of my constituents voted for, while avoiding the cliff edge of No Deal and all its inherent uncertainty.

Immigration plans deliver on referendum

"For the first time in over forty years we will have full control over who enters our country; tangible evidence we are delivering on the referendum result." Caroline Dinenage MP

Caroline Dinenage's statement on the Withdrawal Agreement

Many of my constituents have written to me with regard to Brexit – some expressing their concerns on the Withdrawal Agreement, some voicing their support for a 'People Vote' second referendum and some supporting the Prime Minister in her tough negotiations with the EU.

Caroline backs holiday healthcare funding

"By seeking to negotiate new agreements with the EU and beyond, my constituents can travel to the continent with confidence that their healthcare needs will be met after Brexit" Caroline Dinenage MP