18 APR 2019

Brexit Delay

If all had gone according to plan this statement on Brexit wouldn't even be necessary as we would have left the EU. Parliament however has voted down the Withdrawal Agreement three times meaning that we have not yet been able to leave.

Meanwhile Parliament also voted down the option of the UK leaving the EU without a deal and has legislated to that effect. This makes No Deal much less likely. I voted against taking No Deal off the table as I think it significantly weakens our negotiating position.

Like many others I am hugely frustrated with these developments. I was elected on a manifesto committed to leaving the EU and the continuing uncertainty is not good for businesses or for individuals; especially British nationals in the EU.

Parliament is therefore stuck; refusing to pass a deal and voting down any alternatives. The Government has reached out to MPs across the political divide to work on a way forward. It is clear that when we return to Parliament following Easter we will need to make the decisions at pace to resolve this deadlock and to deliver Brexit.

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